Susan Schussler

Author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense and romantic fiction

Author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense and romantic fiction

Author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense and romantic fictionAuthor of contemporary romance, romantic suspense and romantic fictionAuthor of contemporary romance, romantic suspense and romantic fiction

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Between the Raindrops

Between the Raindrops by Susan Schussler. Learn about her bestselling novel about love in Hollywood.


Hollywood heartthrob Jonathan Williams can have any woman he wants as long as he is willing to be used for his celebrity status. But when he falls for a girl he anonymously connected with online, he finally sees hope for a normal relationship. That is, until Johnathan reveals his true identity to her on stage at a rock concert and the press begins to pursue her relentlessly. Now he has to decide whether to protect her from his tabloid-ridden life by ending their relationship or selfishly drag her into his world.

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Between the Lies

Between the Lies by Susan Schussler
Released in 2015. Book 2 in the Between the Raindrops Series.


Now that Jonathan and Sarah are engaged, the media is even more determined to pull them apart. It doesn’t help that a stalker is sending threatening notes, someone close to them is selling their intimate secrets to the tabloids, or that Jonathan’s gorgeous ex-girlfriend would do anything to get him back. When Jonathan starts keeping secrets from Sarah, she has to decide whether to live with the lies or walk away from him forever.

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Between Friends

Between Friends by Susan Schussler is an edgy novel about forbidden love in Young Hollywood.


Megan Billings refuses to repeat the mistakes of her past. She wants to leave her toxic relationship with her high school ex behind, but their sizzling connection keeps pulling her back in. After four years, she still hasn’t found anyone else to take her breath away. That is, until her smoldering kiss with Hollywood bad-boy Liam Nordstrom. And even though the heartthrob tells her they can never be more than friends, she can’t stop thinking about the kiss. When Megan discovers her ex kept secrets from her about the night her mother disappeared, she turns to the one man who she can trust, her friend Liam.

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Between Scenes


When paparazzi catch her movie-star boyfriend Jake Gorboni cheating on her, Katya Avery realizes breaking up with him isn’t an option. He holds the strings to her first movie deal, and without him, she will never make enough money to get her brother the treatment he needs. If she could forgive Jake’s cheating, all her problems would disappear. But she never counted on falling for the sexy cartoonist, Micah Fallston and if she can’t keep her feelings for him under control, she will lose everything.

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Next release is Between Scenes (a stand-alone spin-off from the Between the Raindrops Series)   

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Susan Schussler answers frequently asked questions

As an author I strive to be different. My novels aren't your mother's romance books. I like to say I write contemporary romantic fiction. All my books have elements of romance because love makes the world go around, right? I don't put ten books out a year (I’m lucky if I get one or two), and I'm not as active on social media as some. But I put out a newsletter when I have something important to say, and post when I can. I focus my energy on making every book the best possible read, and let my books speak for themselves. Check here for readers' frequently asked questions. 

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