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Between the Raindrops

Between the Raindrops by Susan Schussler. Learn about her bestselling novel about love in Hollywood.

A story about fame, tragedy, and above all love.  Hollywood hottie finds the one woman who can make him happy. But can he protect her from his crazy movie star life? 

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Between the Lies

Between the Lies by Susan Schussler
Released in 2015. Book 2 in the Between the Raindrops Series.

Moving to Hollywood is daunting enough, but when the one you love, the one who brought you there is keeping secrets from you, who do you trust?

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Between Friends

Between Friends by Susan Schussler is an edgy novel about forbidden love in Young Hollywood.

Choosing between her past and an unknown future seems impossible for Meg Billings, but living with the consequences of her decision could prove even more difficult. 

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Between Scenes

How do you choose between keeping your job and the one you love? Between Scenes by Susan Schussler

Coming Soon. 

Kat Avery is out of options. She's going to have to smile and sell this acting job to make the fans believe she's still with Jake, the guy who just days ago publically humiliated her. It’s an act—a means to an end—but the disdain in Micah’s eyes every time Jake touches her slays her, and all she wants to do is tell Micah the truth.

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News about Author Susan Schussler's book releases, book launches, and calendar events.

Next release is Between Scenes (a stand-alone spin-off from the Between the Raindrops Series)   

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Susan Schussler answers frequently asked questions

As an author I strive to be different. My novels aren't your mother's romance books. I like to say I write contemporary romantic fiction. All my books have elements of romance because love makes the world go around, right? I don't put ten books out a year (I’m lucky if I get one or two), and I'm not as active on social media as some. But I put out a newsletter when I have something important to say, and post when I can. I focus my energy on making every book the best possible read, and let my books speak for themselves. Check here for readers' frequently asked questions. 

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